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Collecting Court Issued Judgments

Rhode Island Creditor Rights' & Collection Lawyers

It may seem like bringing a debt dispute to litigation is a relatively simple process which only involves convincing a judge to find in your favor. However, going to court over debt which is owed to your company is often the easiest part of the process. If you already have a court issued judgment that hasn’t been collected, our legal team at Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC can help you. We have the necessary experience and know how to enforce that judgment and get your money.

  • We help with a variety of post-judgment collections, including:
  • Government collections
  • Consumer collections
  • Commercial collections
  • Student loan collections
Moving Quickly & Aggressively to Collect Debt

We understand the frustration that can ensure if you have gone through a number of negotiations or to litigation, only to have the debt still go unpaid. Collecting on judgments can be difficult, but our firm is prepared to use all the legal remedies the law allows to collect your money.

Collecting Money Post-Judgment

If there is inaction after a judgment or wrongful actions have been taken, our Rhode Island creditors rights lawyers are here to take swift action. One of the first steps after a judgment has been made is to send a formal letter to the party who owes you to alert them of the findings. If this letter is not effective, further action will need to be taken to get them to pay.

We may be able to request action to file a lien, repossession, put a levy on a bank account, or garnish wages. For judgments which have additional actions besides financial payment, we may need to petition to have a bailiff sent to the offending party.


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Client Reviews
I have been dealing with child support issues for 15 years, back and fourth to court and I've been through 3 lawyers!! Then I found Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC. I revived all my back child support within a month!!!!! I have never dealt with a more caring and efficient law firm !!! I highly recommend them for any law issues!!! Rebecca Monti
I contacted Attorney Capalbo with a straight-forward but contested matter. From the consult to the very end, Ms. Capalbo was organized, caring and prepared. She was only focused on what was best for her client. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for reliable and professional representation. Ms. Capalbo's ethics are rare and appreciated, especially in this region. Anonymous