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Family Law


Led by Partner Ryanna Capalbo, our Family Law Practice is widely regarded as one of the best in Rhode Island. Our clients, legal peers, the Family Court judiciary, and the community consistently recognize us for our commitment to client advocacy, practical guidance, and sensitivity to the long-term implications of family law matters. We always strive to maintain the dignity of everyone involved in these cases.

Whenever possible, we aim for amicable and workable resolutions and attempt to negotiate from a position of leverage and strength by being prepared to successfully present your case to the court. These methods typically yield quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective outcomes than litigation. However, when such avenues are not successful, our skilled litigators are prepared to represent our clients' interests in court. Preparation and experience are vital attributes when choosing a Rhode Island Family Law Attorney.

We have extensive experience in all facets of family & domestic law, catering to both married and unmarried couples. Our legal services encompass divorce, high net worth individual divorce, grandparent rights, restraining ordersproperty division, alimonyspousal support, visitationchild custody, child support, adoption, business assets and valuation, paternity actions, termination of parental rights, stepparent, guardianship proceedings, and marital and premarital agreements.

What is Family Law?

Family law is a legal practice area that manages various family-related situations and domestic relations. This can include divorcehigh net worth individual divorcevaluing business assets in a divorcechild custodychild supportspousal support, alimony, adoption, domestic violence, restraining orders, prenuptial agreements, and paternity. It extends to non-married couples, same-sex couples, and other domestic partnerships where a legal relationship is formed.

Divorce Lawyers Representing Spouses and Parents Throughout Rhode Island

Getting a divorce or revisiting issues after a divorce can be extremely stressful. Numerous points of dispute may come up, including issues related to the kids, alimony, and how property should be divided between the spouses. Even after a divorce, certain changes may need to be made, due to a significant change of circumstances. At Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC, our Rhode Island family lawyers can provide you with sound legal counsel and representation in connection with a variety of complex matters. We also represent clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts in these situations.

Common Types of Family Law Issues

To initiate a divorce, you or your spouse must have resided in Rhode Island for at least one year. In most cases, divorces are granted on the no-fault ground of irreconcilable differences that have caused the breakdown of the marriage. However, there are also fault-based grounds for divorce, such as adultery and extreme cruelty. When adultery is proven, it can have an impact on property distribution or alimony.

Property division is an issue that often is contested and complicated. There is a three-step process that trial judges must follow to equitably distribute property during a divorce. First, they need to determine which assets are marital property, including assets such as real estate. Second, they consider certain factors, including the length of the marriage and the conduct of the parties. (This step is when adultery can affect the division of the property.) Third, the trial judge should distribute the property. Assets will be divided equitably, but this does not necessarily mean an equal division. Both non-monetary and monetary contributions are believed to enhance a marriage, so a homemaker and child rearer's contributions are valued in the division. Our family attorneys can help Rhode Island residents make sure that their rights are respected throughout the proceedings.

Another common area of dispute in a divorce is spousal support or alimony, which may be ordered when one spouse has become financially dependent on the other, higher-earning spouse during the marriage. Two types of alimony may be awarded in Rhode Island. The first is rehabilitative alimony, which is meant to provide for a spouse so that they have sufficient time to get back into the job market. Most of the time, rehabilitative alimony is awarded for a specific period, such as the time that it would take a spouse to graduate from a school or training program, or the time that it would take to conduct a job search.

The other type of alimony is indefinite or permanent alimony. In most circumstances, this kind of alimony would be appropriate when a spouse is of retirement age, disabled, or has been out of the job market for decades. In that case, they are unlikely to be able to find a job and may get alimony indefinitely. Factors that will be considered in making an alimony award include how long the marriage lasted, the spouses' conduct while married, the health and age of the spouses, their job skills, their earning potential, the assets and liabilities of the spouses, their childcare responsibilities, their standard of living during the marriage, how long it will take for the recipient spouse to get a job, and their future income, as well as any other relevant factors. A Rhode Island family attorney at our firm can help make sure that you present a convincing case, whether you are seeking alimony or defending against your ex-spouse’s request for alimony.

In many situations, challenges arise regarding the custody of a minor child following a divorce. In child custody disputes, the court's primary consideration is the best interests of the child. Factors for the court to consider when determining the best interests of a child include each parent’s wishes about custody, the child's reasonable preference if they are of sufficient experience, understanding, or intelligence, interactions between the child and their parents and siblings, the home, school, and community environments at issue, the physical and mental health of the child, parents, and siblings, the stability of the home, the child's parents' moral fitness, and the willingness of each parent to facilitate a close, continuous parent-child relationship between the child and the other parent.

Why Choose Bilodeau Capalbo?

When dealing with sensitive family matters, you need a trusted legal partner. Our team of experienced Rhode Island family lawyers offers compassionate support and innovative strategies tailored to your specific case.

We strive to empower our clients and guide them through challenging situations. With our support, clients often emerge from their legal battles feeling confident and optimistic about their future.

We understand the importance of being approachable and relatable, and we aim to settle your case on your terms, avoiding court intervention whenever possible. However, our attorneys possess extensive trial and litigation skills, preparing us for any eventuality.

Hire a Knowledgeable Family Lawyer in Rhode Island

If you are facing a family law matter during a divorce or in the aftermath of a divorce, it is important to consult an experienced attorney. At Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC, our family law attorneys maintain close and trusting relationships with our clients, and we have a strong reputation for client satisfaction. Our Rhode Island family law attorneys also represent clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We have offices in West Warwick, South Kingstown, and Hartford. Call us at 401-300-4055 or use our online form to set up an appointment.


Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC is proud to handle cases in all courts in the entire states of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We also offer a free initial consultation. Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC’s Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys represent clients in Woonsocket, Burrillville, Chepachet, Smithfield, Scituate, Coventry, West Greenwich, Exeter, North Kingstown, East Greenwich, Warwick, Cranston, Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, East Providence, Warren, Bristol, Barrington, Little Compton, Tiverton, Middletown, Portsmouth, Newport, South Kingstown, Charlestown, Hopkinton, Ashaway, Richmond, Narragansett, New Shoreham, West Warwick, Cumberland, Foster, Glocester, Johnston, Lincoln, North Providence and Westerly

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I have been dealing with child support issues for 15 years, back and fourth to court and I've been through 3 lawyers!! Then I found Bilodeau Capalbo, LLC. I revived all my back child support within a month!!!!! I have never dealt with a more caring and efficient law firm !!! I highly recommend them for any law issues!!! Rebecca Monti
I contacted Attorney Capalbo with a straight-forward but contested matter. From the consult to the very end, Ms. Capalbo was organized, caring and prepared. She was only focused on what was best for her client. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for reliable and professional representation. Ms. Capalbo's ethics are rare and appreciated, especially in this region. Anonymous